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Welcome to the FlatCanada Wiki!

We are a grade 2/3 class of 16 students in Sointula, British Columbia. We are going to make Flat Stanleys to help us learn all about our country. We are going to send a Flat Stanley to a class in each province and territory in Canada.

We hope that each host class will keep Stanley for several weeks and will document his adventures here on this Wiki and on our FlatCanada blog. The classes will use this wiki to share information about our provinces and territories and the blog to post about Stanley's Adventures. On the blog host classes can post pictures of Stanley doing different things with students in their class and tell about everything he is learning about their province/territory. The classes involved can communicate through the blog in order to learn more about where Stanley came from and about the provinces/territories he is visiting.

Going a step further, we would also love it if the host classes would like to Skype with our class. We could talk about Stanley's adventures and compare information about our provinces/territories.

We can't wait to send our Stanleys out on their Canadian Adventures!

Mrs. Watson's Timeline


  • School starts Sept. 7th, 2010

  • Will read Flat Stanley daily during read alouds

  • In Social Studies we will begin with studying our community


  • In art we will make out Flat Stanleys

  • Flat Stanleys will be sent to their host classes in each province and territory during the second week of October (arriving at their host prov/territory before the end of October). The Stanleys will make blog posts about their upcoming adventures before heading to Canada Post.

  • We will continue to study our community and also our province. We will add information to this Wiki under our province.


  • Classes involved will use this wiki and the Flat Canada Blog to share information about their communities and provinces/territories

  • Classes can interact with one another through comments on blog posts

  • Interested classes may choose to Skype with one another to further their learning

How Can I Participate?

If you are a Canadian elementary school teacher and would be interested in hosting a Flat Stanly this fall please contact Mrs. Watson through email soingirl@hotmail.com or through Twitter @soingirl.

I am looking for one or possibly two classes from each province or territory. The host class would need to be willing to make posts (wiki or blog) of Stanley's adventures and share information about their province/territory through these posts. I would hope that my class and the host classes would ask questions and respond to each others posts and comments. It would be wonderful if the host classes would also be interested in Skyping with my class and the other classes if they wished to.

About Mrs. Watson's Class

We are a grade 2/3 class of 16 students located in Sointula, British Columbia. We live on a small island with a population of 800. Our school is K-7 and has just over 40 students. More information about us can be found on our class blog at http://mrswatson123.edublogs.org/ .